buttonWho We Are

buttonGeneral goals and objectives of PWSC:

  • For the all around development and Self realization of women, physically, economically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.
  • To research, develop and integrate women's spiritual values and leadership into the collective consciousness and society at large for the welfare of all.
  • To help women to heal, strengthen and honor their feminine spiritual qualities.
  • For women to be honored as spiritual mothers, with respect for their body, feelings, voices, mind, heart and spirit.
  • To form a council as a forum for women's values and universal spiritual influence.
  • To provide education and training in Astaunga and Tantra Yoga for women and women's spirituality in general through seminars, training, publications, classes and certification.
  • To change old paradigms and institutions including women's spitiual qualities.
  • For women to become leaders through education, emotional support, fundraising, developing their own boards, projects etc.
  • To create a sanctuary and hold a space (physically and spiritually) for women to heal and re-dis-cover and re-align themselves with their own ways of experiencing spirituality, to recover from the effects of not listening to their own biological, emotional and spiritual nature.
  • To teach and get support from men in our vision, where the masculine principle is supporting the feminine principle.

buttonActivities of PWSC:

Formation of a Spiritual Council of Women

  • The Progressive Women's Spiritual Council functions as a global network of women of different spiritual traditions and backgrounds.
  • It is a forum from which the spiritual values, visions, voices and leadership of women as universal mothers will be heard, expressed and integrated into the awareness and actions of our global and universal family.
  • For this PWSC creates different chapters, councils and mebers, who come together in different locations, in gatherings, womens spirituality circles, seminars and retreats.
  • Each chapter has her own activities and services within the scope of PWSC and according to their interest, talents and mission.
  • Besides her own chapters, PWSC in general will support projects, initiatives and women's non-profit organizations, which consciously integrate women's spiritual values in their objectives.

Formation of a Women's Spirituality Institute and MeditationCenter

  • The spiritual base of PWSC is the Women's Spirituality Institute and Meditation Center based on Astaunga and Tantra Yoga and the spiritual and social philosophy, as taught by the late P.R. Sarkar.
  • The institute is researching, developing and teaching the ancient teachings and philosophy of Tantra yoga and meditation, specifically the matriarchal roots of Tantra.
  • We also researchs and teach women's bio-psychology, women's spirituality and other spiritual origins.
  • Connected with the institute is the Meditation Center and women's spiritual "Monastery", dedicated to the spiritual heart of the Divine Mother, for purely spiritual religious purposes and service to the world.
  • Silent retreats and meditation intensives are held there as well as daily and weekly meditation services by individuals and groups.
  • A 4-year Acarya ( she who teaches by example) or Ministerial Training will be held by the Meditation Center/Monastery with a 2 year certification training.
  • The ministers/Acaryas will start their own chapter of PWSC with a meditation center and service project according to their talents, interest and resources. This couild be related to healing, health, education, the arts, music, dance and social service to the poor, etc.