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For women it is important to stay in touch with our bodies. Our body is an instrument and a vehicle for feeling, receiving and giving energy, chi or prana. Women feel that Spirit and Life /Creation are One and that all creation is divine and sacred. They know this is their bones.

devine mother meditation

Women`s emotions are also vehicles for energy to move and connect them with the life force, the Divine and the Divine Mother. Women`s knowing comes from connection and interconnectedness. To be disconnected from her body and feelings cuts her off from her library of knowledge. Her strength is her intuition and her 6th sense of feeling and knowing what is happening in her self and in her environment.

Divine Mother Meditation is taught by our Spiritual Meditation Mothers free of charge.

Divine Mother Meditation is taught in seven personal sessions. Each is designed to help you progressively realize Her Divine Presence in your life—within and without:

devine mother meditation devine mother meditation
  • The Mother's Love: teaches a practice to help you directly experience and connect with the Presence of the Divine Mother.
  • The Mother's Light: receive your own personal mantra and visualization which will bring you to the seat of the Divine Mother in the heart of your Soul.
  • Mother of All Beings: gives you the knowledge of sweetness of the presence of the Divine Mother in everything and everyone.
  • The Mother's Body: gives an experience of how all the elements in your being - earth, water, fire, air, and ether - are also the elements in the cosmic body of the Divine Mother. In each chakra you are connected with a different element of Her Being and through that element to Her directly.
  • The Heart of the Mother: uses the breath to bring you into full resonance with the Divine Mother. We breathe in Her Love, Light and life force and breathe out Her love, light, and life force to all Her created beings.
  • Mama is My Very Own: is an experience of feeling the Divine Mother's life force in your whole being; touching from within all parts of yourself.
  • The Mother's Cosmic Egg: is the experience of filling and merging your whole body and egg-shaped energy body with the Love-Light of the Divine Mother until you are One.
devine mother meditation devine mother meditation