buttonSpiritual Circle Mother Program

buttonThe Spiritual Mother Archetype

The spiritual Mother archetype is re-emerging into the collective Consciousness of humanity. For thousands of years the divine Mother was accepted and integrated in the spiritual and social life of all people on this planet. Her spiritual consciousness and wisdom are re-emerging from within.

upeWomen are taking an important part in bringing Her spiritual qualities of healing, compassion, nurturing, cooperation, unconditional love and earth and body connected Spirituality back to all of us.

That's why a big part of the program has to do with nurturing these qualities back into ourselves. As we learn to honor and cherish these qualities in our selves, we can help others to open up to those qualities in them selves.

One of the qualities of the divine Mother is that She integrates all aspects of life into spirituality. Nothing is left out. For this reason the program will also touch on all different aspects of our life, spiritual, physical, emotional and mental.

The first phase of the program will focus on your own personal growth and development. It is mostly internal and spiritual, a listening to, opening up, healing and becoming one with the divine Feminine presence and spiritual vibration within ourselves.

The second phase is more information oriented and the third phase practical.

The curriculum of the program includes the following themes:

  • The internal call of the Divine Mother
  • Women's Spirituality and bio- psychology
  • Women's spiritual journey through the Chakras
  • Meditation and yoga lessons and practices
  • The matriarchal roots of Tantra and Astaunga yoga
  • The ethics of love, spiritual practices in daily life
  • The sacred dynamics of the Circle
  • Spiritual healing and health
  • Chanting, singing and spiritual dance
  • Becoming a spiritual guide
  • The spirit of service

In this program you learn to facilitate:

  • A women's spiritual circle
  • A yoga and deep relaxation class
  • An introductory meditation class
  • A women's Spirituality class / retreat

The program is composed of 2 parts, each stretching out over 6 months. This is done in the form of weekends and week long sessions.

Currently we are offering this as a webinar series.