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buttonReiki Healing Practice and Exchange Sessions

Reiki Healing Practice and Exchange Sessions

Twice a month at Coming Up Roses, 118 East Main Street, Willow Springs MO 65793. Call 417-469-2658 or e-mail madhuriima22@yahoo.com for information


buttonWomens Circle Kiirtan/Chanting and Meditation

dharma circle

Every Sunday at 8.30 AM at Ananda Jyoti, our meditation building at Hearthaven

Dharma Chakra: A circle of people coming together to feel their spiritual Oneness

Something happens when people meditate together that is more than the sum of the parts. Our life intentions become more clear and strong, and our unity grows as we consciously choose to open ourselves up to divine guidance collectively.

During Dharma Chakra we chant and dance in a circle for about 20 minutes with the universal Mantra Mama or Baba Nam Kevalam which means: Love is all there is. Then we sing together the Mantra of the Rig Vedas: Let us move together to set the intention for the meditation. Then we meditate in silence for 30 minutes.

In Dharma there are four steps:

  • Vistara, or Expansion of heart and mind,
  • Rasa, or Going with the cosmic flow,
  • Seva, or Service to all and
  • Brahma, or becoming One with The Self.

buttonRestorative Yoga and Meditation class by Didi A.Madhurii Ma *

yoga classComing Up Roses, 118 E. Main Street, Willow Springs, MO
Individual and group Yoga and meditation classes are given on request. Please call 417-469-2658 or e-mail madhuriima22@yahoo.com  Sliding fee from $9 to $12 per class.

Gentle yoga postures, deep breathing, relaxation and silent meditation help to increase your health, self awareness, physical and mental balance and all round peaceful energy.

Call for registration/directions, 417-469-2658.