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buttonWomen's Inner Journeys Befriending the Goddess / Divine Mother Within


From the time of Matriarchy , woman's spiritual journey has continued.

In those ancient times, she was in touch with the forces of nature, her body and her nurturing qualities.

Innately she was a healer.

She was the mother of all.

She was respected and honored. She had an prominent role in society. She knew who she was.

As time passed, woman's connection with her inner knowing, wisdom and strength diminished.

In the Garden of Her spirit, a woman re-experiences her innate being. She opens up the flower buds of her own spirit and awakens to the depth of her woman's spiritual power. Like a river she flows with her feeling nature and tunes in to subtle pranic energies, vibrating and connecting with the flow of life within her self.


In the Garden of her Spirit she learns to receive nurturing from these same subtle energies within nature, and within her own being and body.

She befriends all of life --air, water, plants, animals and spirits-- as part of herself. She becomes the living Goddess, creatress from within.

In this personal mentorship program, your spiritual mother guide will support you on your spiritual ,and emotional and all around journey, helping you to stay centered in your true self and your spiritual practices.


Together you will set goals for the sessions, according to your life's issues and concerns.

Each session will start with a short meditation and guided visualization, followed by a check in.

Your spiritual mother guide will offer her deep listening presence and insightful questions. Together you will create commitments, affirmations and tasks to address until the next session.

6 personal sessions of one to 1 and 1/2 hours (60-90 minutes) each over a period of 3 to 6 months
Fee: Sliding scale of $300 to $600 for 6 sessions.