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A Women's spiritual Art, Healing and Food Collective
118 East Main Street, Willow Springs, MO 65793

devine mother meditation

Hearthaven / Ananda Hrdaya Mata opened on May 2, 2013
a Tea Room / Gift Shop with the following intentions:

devine mother meditation

MEMBERSHIP: Coming Up Roses is a Women's Collective, based on Membership
Each woman can share and sell their art/healing and food services as a member.

These are the available memberships:

1) $35.00 a month and two volunteer days: 90 % of sales goes to the member and 10 % to the shop.

2) $10.00 a month and two volunteer days: 80 % goes to member and 20 % to the shop.

3) $10 a month without 2 days volunteering or volunteering 2 days without $10 a month: 70 % to the member and 30 % to the shop.

4) No membership fee and no volunteering: 40% to the member and 60 % to the shop.

5) Exception is for women living far away: 75 % to member and 25 % to the shop.

6) We also have people who give COMING UP ROSES a monthly donation that is tax deductable.

You can look us up on facebook under COMING UP ROSES in WIllow Springs, MO
Telephone Number: 417-469-2658

Shop is open Thursday and Friday from 10 Am to 5 PM and Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM

button'Les Collages Aux Folles' by Nandini

Nandini has also created custom collages for our retreats which feature the Goddesses which we honor.