buttonYoga for Women

Women have a unique bio-psychology. As women we are reclaiming our spiritual strength by accepting our femininity as the source of our spiritual power.

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Our yoga is very practical. Our own woman's body and being is our own laboratory. We are re-member-ing as women our own inner wisdom and knowing.

We work with each of the chakras and explore women's bio-psychology and spirituality. In our yoga and meditation practice our natural female hormones and "wombness" become transmuted into spiritual energy and the qualities of the divine feminine --- compassion, allowing, creativity, holding, and interconnectedness.


Through this process we open ourselves up as women to our unique self-realization of the Divine Mother.

  • Compassion for All Beings: A healthy vegetarian diet provides an important foundation for our spiritual practices. We honor and care for our own woman's bodies as well as all other created beings on the planet.
  • Ethics of Love: Love is the most powerful force in the universe. Women have unique feeling values which contribute to planetary healing. They are inborn and emerge naturally in the progress and evolution on each woman's spiritual journey. Examples include: listening, speaking, living, acting from your inner truth. Accepting who you really are--all parts of yourself--and respecting all your parts as divine. Deeply, truly understanding with compassion the underlying spirit in everything.
  • Yoga Innercizes: Ancient yog(n)iniis discovered yoga postures by watching and imitating the movements of animals in the wild. They realized how these gentle stretches could balance our hormones, strengthen our bodies and minds, calm the nervous system, slow the heartbeat and breathing, prepare us for meditation, and prolong life. Women's yoga innercizes attune us deeply to our women's body, hormones, and emotions.