Finding the Divine

Elaine Benson's CD, Finding the Divine, is a compelling tool for healing, relaxation and meditation. Her voice is both soothing and calming. Elaine's unique sound and interpretation of the Sanskrit mantras takes one into a deeper place where the Divine resides. Repeated listening to the mantras creates various levels of healing and consciousness expansion.

Dr. Elaine Benson has been teaching yoga in the Nashville, TN area for the past 8 years. She teaches in the Iyengar tradition with a lot of heart and compassion. She has the ability to help those with physical issues to do most poses utilizing props. Elaine is available to come to your area and teach a yoga workshop and to perform an evening concert of the chants on her CD.

This is what her teacher, Dr. John Charping, Director of the Southern Institute for Yoga Instructors, had to say:

In her debut CD, "Finding the Divine", Elaine Benson has captured the spiritual essence of these classical Sanskrit chants through her beautiful, lyrical interpretation. Her pure, sensitive voice is filled with loving compassion, inspiring the meditative listener toward finding the Divine."

CD Contents:

  • Jai Shambho - Victory to Shiva (a breaking down of the old in order to allow the new to be born)
  • OM Tara Tu Tare Tu Ta So Ha - May the Mother of All guard and protect me
  • Dayo Karo Bhagavan Kripa Karo Bhagavan, Hare Ram, Rama, Rama, Sita Rama, Rama, Rama, Sita Rama, Rama , Rama, Jaya Rama - May the Lord have compassion on us and bless us
  • Aham Prema - I AM Divine Love Music by Elaine Benson
  • OM Mani Padme Hum - this mantra is intended to promote the idea of spiritual advancement combined with service to all living beings - music by Clara Oman
  • OM Nadi Poonyayei Namaha - this mantra is intended to promote the idea of giving and receiving with a generous spirit - music by Elaine Benson

To purchase the CD or to bring her to your area for a workshop/concert, call Elaine at 615 220-2191 or send an email to Dr. Elaine Benson